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Navigating the complexities of commercial electrical demands requires expertise and foresight. Our team is equipped to not only understand the unique requirements of businesses but to also anticipate and plan for future needs.

With precision, efficiency, and a commitment to safety, we ensure that your operations run smoothly and uninterruptedly. Experience the difference when you entrust your business’s electrical needs to dedicated professionals.

5 Stars

Rob just wrapped up another much larger project. In and out a few times and everything is great. He had to wire several new spaces and did some additional work perfectly based on very little face to face discussion. He did a great job AGAIN!!!!

-Joe R.
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A Glimpse into Our Range of Commercial Electrical Offerings

Electrical Upgrades

Powering Tomorrow’s Businesses Today

Ensure your business infrastructure is modern, safe, and compliant with the latest standards:

  • Lighting Upgrades: Energy-efficient lighting solutions that reduce costs and enhance the work environment.
  • Service & Panel Changes: Upgrading systems to cater to increased power needs and ensuring reliability.
  • Commercial Rewiring: Upgrade old or outdated wiring systems to enhance safety and functionality.
  • Energy Management Systems: Optimize power usage for better energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • …and More Upgrades: Comprehensive electrical enhancements for improved efficiency and compliance with the latest standards.
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Lawn Mowed

Equipment & Installation

Ensuring Business Continuity & Efficiency

Equip and fortify your business infrastructure for optimal performance:

  • Conduit Work: Protect your electrical systems with expertly installed conduits.
  • New Circuitry for Equipment: Tailored solutions for specialized equipment and machinery.
  • Surge Protection: Safeguard your expensive equipment from sudden voltage spikes.
  • Data & Telecom Wiring: Ensure seamless communication and data transfer within your establishment.
  • …and More Installations: Extensive options for state-of-the-art equipment and precision installation services to support your business operations.

Maintenance & Service

Preventative Solutions for Uninterrupted Operations

Keep your business running without unexpected halts and ensure all systems are at their peak:

  • Regular Service Checks: Routine inspections to preemptively identify potential issues.
  • Emergency Repairs: Quick response to electrical concerns, minimizing downtime.
  • Safety Compliance Inspections: Ensure your electrical installations are up to code and safe for employees.
  • Backup Power Solutions: Install and maintain backup generators for continuous operations during outages.
  • …and More Maintenance: Beyond regular upkeep, we provide advanced diagnostics and preventive care to ensure your operations run seamlessly.
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Straightforward Electrical Solutions

No complexities. Just a direct approach to your electrical needs with transparency at every step.

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Our Service Area

Proudly serving Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess Counties, plus surrounding communities.

If you live near Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, or Dutchess county, there is a good chance we’ve provided residential and commercial services on job sites in a neighborhood near you. We serve:

  • Bloomingburgh
  • Campbell Hall
  • Chester
  • Florida
  • Gardiner
  • Goshen
  • Maybrook
  • Middletown
  • Modena
  • Montgomery
  • New Hampton
  • New Paltz
  • Newburgh
  • Pine Bush
  • Rock Tavern
  • Walden
  • Wallkill

Don’t see your city listed? Give us a call at (845) 713-0070 to discuss your project and our service area.


What commercial electrical services does GOElectric offer?

If you’re looking for “commercial electricians near me”, look no further. At GOElectric, we specialize in a variety of commercial electrical services tailored to meet the demands of businesses. Our team is adept at handling commercial electrical work, ensuring that your commercial buildings are powered up and compliant with the latest electrical codes. Our range of services includes:

  • Commercial Rewiring: Upgrading old or outdated systems to enhance safety and functionality.
  • Commercial Electrical Contractor Services: We handle complex electrical projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely and professional execution.
  • Maintenance & Regular Service Checks: These play an integral role in ensuring that your commercial building is safe, and electrical systems run efficiently. We also offer regular maintenance solutions to help businesses maintain their electrical systems in prime condition.
I have a new commercial building. How can GOElectric assist me?

For new commercial buildings, our team of commercial electricians are well-equipped to handle all your electrical projects. From setting up specialty lighting to ensuring your circuit breakers are installed correctly, our team ensures that your commercial building meets all electrical standards. We also offer on-the-job training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the new installations.

How does GOElectric ensure safety in commercial electrical installations?

Safety is paramount for us. Our team of commercial electricians undergo rigorous training and follows strict guidelines to guarantee that all installations are safe. We always prioritize using the highest quality materials and ensure that all commercial electrical work adheres to the latest electrical codes. Additionally, our commercial electrical contractor services include safety compliance inspections, ensuring that every installation meets the prescribed safety standards.

Can GOElectric handle specialized electrical projects for commercial spaces?

Absolutely! Our commercial electrician team has vast experience handling specialty electrical projects for various commercial buildings. From setting up specialty lighting that can transform your workspace ambiance to installing energy management systems that optimize power usage, we cover it all. If you have a unique electrical project in mind or need modifications in commercial electrical work, connect with us, and we’ll provide tailored solutions.

What about the electrical systems in older commercial buildings?

For older commercial buildings that might require an upgrade or repair, our team can offer services like commercial rewiring or the replacement of outdated circuit breakers. We also provide maintenance checks to ensure regular maintenance of older systems. If you’re concerned about adhering to the latest electrical codes, our commercial electrical services also encompass compliance checks and upgrades as needed.

Remember, at GOElectric, our focus is on powering tomorrow’s businesses today, ensuring that your commercial spaces are safe, efficient, and future-ready. If you have more queries or need more details, reach out to us anytime!

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